Winter '16 Release: New Lightning Experience & Classic Enhancements

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Winter '16 Release: New Lightning Experience & Classic Enhancements

Posted by Wave6 Blog Team on Dec 18, 2015 6:05:00 AM

Winter_16_Release_New_Lightning_ExperienceWith the arrival of the winter season, we welcome colder weather and icy commutes, with the acceptance of hockey sweaters on casual Fridays, and increased Netflix conversations over coffee breaks.

But in the Salesforce world, the arrival of cooler temps also means the arrival of the newest Release! With this release comes Salesforce’s newest experience and user interface – Lightning.


Lightning Experience is’s new framework that focuses on the user experience to help sell faster and work more efficiently. Rolled out in this Winter ’16 Release, Lightning is available to everyone, but we, as admins, have total control over the migration strategy. The Lightning experience can be enabled at the user, profile, and/or organization level and should be tested and validated before roll-out (as some features of Classic Salesforce are not available in Lightning).


The Opportunity Workspace

One of the most helpful visual enhancements in the Lightning Experience is the action oriented Opportunity Workspace. This new Opportunity Workspace (available only in Lightning Experience) is a sales rep’s main base for managing every step of the sales process. In the workspace, reps can do everything related to deals including:

  • Create and update new opportunities, events, and notes
  • Manage Next Steps (and view previous activity)
  • View all important information about a deal, including contacts and close date
  • Work through the Sales Path



Sales Path in the Opportunity Workspace

Sales Path within the Opportunity Workspace is newly available for desktop users (previously only available on SF1 Mobile) and is an awesome tool for guiding reps through the sales process. Using Sales Path, each stage of the sales process can be customized to help ensure user adoption and to capture all important opportunity information. Through each step, reps are provided with key business fields and guidance for success, which can include company-specific definitions, tips, probing questions, and even helpful links.



Admins have the ability to create and modify sales paths for reps based on record types via the Setup Menu.

Sales Path Creation Steps:

  1. Setup > Sales Path Settings
  2. Click New Sales Path
  3. Enter a label and name for the Sales Path
  4. Choose the Opportunity object and corresponding record type



5. Add fields at specific stages to appear as ‘Key Fields’ on the top of the opportunity page
6. Add Guidance for Success (tips, next steps, definitions, helpful links, etc...


7. Repeat steps 5 & ^ for each sales stage as needed. Click Next and... FINISH!


Custom Lookup Fields on Activities

Since Lightning is a very new and different concept, including everything down to the look and feel for end users, not everyone will be enabling it right away. Fear not! There are many other enhancements in the Winter ’16 Release that can be found in Salesforce Classic. One of the most helpful (and long awaited) changes is the ability to add a custom lookup relationship to Activities.


Salesforce previously did not allow for the addition of custom lookup fields on Activities and limited the relationship of the task or event to the Related To field selection. We will no longer have to choose which one ‘related to’ object is most important for our activity to be related to!


The new enhancement allows for multiple lookup fields on the Activity, including lookups to standard and custom objects. To add the lookup field, follow the same steps you would to add a new custom field to the Activity Custom Fields screen. The lookup relationship selection is now available!




As a note, this custom lookup field will combine open and closed activities in the same related list, with each custom lookup corresponding to a new related list, unlike the Open Activities and Activity History lists.

Hopefully these enhancements will be helpful to you and your Salesforce organization, whether migrating to the new Lightning Experience now or taking time to assess the differences. Utilizing some of the newest capabilities, such as the Sales Path, is a sure way to help reps use Salesforce more efficiently and close deals faster, allowing more time for outdoor winter activities or holiday shopping!


If you have any further questions about the Winter ’16 Release or Lightning Experience, please contact us!


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