Not Just a Dream: Passing the Certified Administrator Exam

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Not Just a Dream: Passing the Certified Administrator Exam

Posted by Wave6 Blog Team on Nov 4, 2014 2:33:00 PM


Dreamforce 2014Dreamforce14- Wow! Between the Little Kids Rock charity event and the exciting announcement Benioff made on the Salesforce Analytics Cloud (Code Name: Project Wave), Dreamforce 2014 is one for the record books.

Let's not forget the very popular Admin Zone (it was on the second floor of Moscone West building). Due to the activities and overall event success, how many of you pondered the following thought; "I wonder how quick I could become a Certified Administrator?"

Enter Doubt:

"But I haven’t taken a standardized exam in years."

"Salesforce has so many features and functions, how could I possibly learn and grasp everything?"

Whether you are new to Salesforce or a seasoned veteran, the Certified Administrator exam can seem like a daunting task. Fear not; I am here to help. By following the easy steps in my guide, you will be well on your way towards becoming a Certified Administrator.


First Step: Download the Exam Study Guide

The guide covers various topics about the exam, such as minimum passing score (only 65%!) and the exam outlay, which tells you which Salesforce features and functions are tested and how heavily they are weighted. Look over the outlay and mark the topics you know the least about. Pay particular close attention to these topics as you continue your studies. Before you dive further into your studies, there is an additional prerequisite; download a free Salesforce Developer Org. You will now be able to complete real-world examples of the topics that are covered on the exam.


Next Step: Watch Administration Essentials for New Admins

The online course is a thorough introduction to the features and functions in, most of which are covered on the exam. Using mock scenarios an Admin faces, the course offers demonstrations, follow-along exercises and even short quizzes to test your knowledge. If you do not have access to the online trainings (you need a premier Salesforce account), do not panic; there is another resource that will help you pass the test.


Wanted: Additional Resources Found Here

You feel that you are almost ready to take the exam, but want one additional resource to review the topics on the exam. The Certified on Demand study guide is a great tool that specifically covers all of the topics tested on the exam. The $40 fee for full-access to the guide is well worth it. With hours of specialized videos, written summaries, follow-along exercises and even a practice exam, you will feel ready to take the exam upon completion of the guide.


Last Step: Sign Up for Exam

I highly recommend that you take the exam in-person at a testing center, because it is a distraction-free environment where you can devote full attention to achieving a passing score. If you choose the online version, you must take it in front of a live camera feed with testing administrators on the other end. You have to worry about setting the camera up perfectly, and things like internet disconnection or a doorbell ringing can lead to disqualification of the exam. Schedule the exam about a week out to give you proper time to review all the topics one last time, focusing on the subjects you are weakest on. Most importantly, be confident when you walk into the exam. In only 90 minutes you will walk out a Certified Administrator!


One More Piece of Advice

Take the Certified Developer exam within one month of the Administrator exam. Even if you are not planning to use a Developer certification in the near future, there is about 80% overlay between the two exams. The more certifications you have, the better off you are! There are only a handful of new Salesforce topics you will need to learn, like Visualforce and Apex. Just download the Developer study guide, review the new topics, and you should be good to go.



You now have two Salesforce certifications and have now taken a significant step towards becoming a Salesforce expert, which is cause for a grand celebration! Please feel free to Contact Wave6 for further information.



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