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Pardot Engagement Dashboard Customization with Progressive Disclosure

Posted by Wave6 Blog Team on Jul 15, 2020 8:45:02 AM

Have you ever created a dashboard that had so many data visualizations that users were forced to scroll (and scroll) down the screen to find the information they’re looking for? We’ve all been there. Sometimes you need to fit a LOT of information in a single dashboard. But adding a LOT of information is overwhelming to users. Enter the principle of progressive disclosure. 

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Tableau vs Einstein Analytics: Which Tool is Best for You?

Posted by Wave6 Blog Team on Jul 8, 2020 10:54:07 AM

The importance of data and analytics for modern organizations is no longer up for debate. Every day, organizations capture and store increasing volumes of data. That raw data then needs to be transformed into meaningful analytical insights that can be used to make data-driven business decisions. There is no shortage of analytical tools to choose from. 

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Uncovering Insights from Salesforce EDA Model with Einstein Analytics

Posted by Wave6 Blog Team on Feb 10, 2020 10:19:46 AM

Salesforce’s Educational Data Model (“EDA”) is an innovative and flexible architecture that gives educational institutions from K-12 to higher education a way to capture a 360-degree view of their students. With EDA, institutions can easily view the relationships that students have with faculty, staff, academic advisors, family members, and even memberships with academic departments and student organizations. It’s truly an innovative data architecture built on the Salesforce platform designed to facilitate a Connected Campus.

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The art of the possible: Manufacturing Chatbots

Posted by Wave6 Blog Team on Dec 9, 2019 2:29:53 PM

The Role of Einstein Bots in Manufacturing

In part three in the series “The Art of the Possible: Manufacturing,” let’s explore use cases Chatbots and AI for manufacturing.

The manufacturing industry is well-positioned to take advantage of AI enabled chatbot functionality. According to a recent Salesforce “State of Service” report, 24% of manufacturing customer service professionals currently use AI chatbots with 33% planning to use them in the next 18 months. The projected growth rate of AI chatbot use in the manufacturing industry over the next 18 months is 137%.

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The art of the possible: Manufacturing Analytics

Posted by Molly Redenbaugh on Nov 21, 2019 11:34:06 AM

As a Salesforce partner, we have the pleasure to discuss this with our clients nearly every day. With the recent release of Manufacturing Cloud, let’s take a closer look at how Salesforce is aligning the platform to this vertical and how we are overlaying our expertise from years of delivering to the same vertical.

Serving both large and small manufacturing companies has been a core focus for us at Wave6. Located in the heart of the country, Wave6 has always focused on manufacturing and the power of the Salesforce platform. Our capabilities can be categorized into 6 offering sets which include assets we have built for our customers along the way:

  • Advanced Partner Relationship Management
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Parts and Service Automation
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Value Assurance

Let’s continue our look at the art of the possible in Manufacturing Analytics using the Einstein platform. Combining key elements of EA with Sales Cloud has enabled us to rethink forecasting and make it relevant to manufacturers. In part two in the series “The Art of the Possible: Manufacturing,” let’s explore use cases we have developed on the Einstein Analytics platform around revenue forecasting/ realization and demand planning.

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