From Disruption to Production: Salesforce Transforms Manufacturing!

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From Disruption to Production: Salesforce Transforms Manufacturing!

Posted by Brie Kapler on Apr 21, 2021 3:34:54 PM

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With the rapid advancements we are seeing in the world of technology, manufacturing industries are experiencing great pressure in reshaping the way business in done. While these advancements are exciting and useful for manufacturers, too often we are see challenges with business processes that create unnecessary disruption throughout companies. From order management issues to inaccurate forecasting to basic communication challenges, manufacturers are faced with these far-reaching, disruptive experiences for departments and customers alike.

Good news, by leveraging the Salesforce platform into a manufacturing organizations, you can quickly overcome these challenges. Salesforce delivers an easy way to modernize operations, provides better collaboration and pro-active communication across departments, allows greater visibility to key customer metrics, and assists in forecasting.

Close Deals Faster

Starting with the basics, Salesforce Sales Cloud is a great "team member" for manufacturers when it comes to sales growth and processes enablement. From lead management to campaign ROI to simply closing deals faster, Sales Cloud ensures that your teams are spending their time on the right opportunities at the right time. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Drive higher customer satisfaction while lowering resource touchpoints with Salesforce Service Cloud. With tools like Field Service lightning, manufacturers can put information at their service teams' fingertips - warranty information, purchase models, past interactions, and more.  This allows your agents the ability to provide customers with a personal experience, while reducing onboarding for new agents at the same time.

Drive Transparency throughout Manufacturing Processes

In addition to Sales & Service Cloud, Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud gives you additional visibility to customer agreements, ensuring both sales and operations have a 360-degree view of the customer relationship. Consolidating this information into a central, searchable location ensures an easier way to collaboration with colleagues and customers alike.

Develop Accurate Forecasts

Forecast accuracy is key to ensuring maximum profitability for manufacturers. Manufacturing Cloud offers account-based forecasting, allowing your sales, product and operations teams the ability to collaborate on a single platform for a better view of all opportunities. This feature also allows you to create your own forecast algorithm based on the unique metrics of your business, providing you with real-time business data making it easier for your decision makers. 

Connect Front-Office & Back-Office

Communication across departments is essential in ensuring your customers are receiving what they need. Manufacturing Cloud does just that by connecting systems, data, and teams ensuring that everything is synced. With the ability to integrate your current ERP system into the Salesforce platform ensures your teams are equipped with the essential information to keep your business growing.

From the transparency into customer insights to tearing down companywide communication barriers; Salesforce is your one stop shop for you road to success. 

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