How to Get the Most Out of Your Salesforce Investment

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Salesforce Investment

Posted by Wave6 Blog Team on May 5, 2014 5:08:00 AM


Whether buying a car at a dealership, an appliance at the store, servicing your car, or helping your child select a college that will give them the education that will be valuable for their future, you want to make sure you are getting value out of your purchase.

Regardless of deciding on a car, house, or a college for your child, your decision will be based upon the overall value of the product or offering. You probably decided on the school that had the best education, but may have also had a great athletics program, library, social program and much more. The same applies to the new car, a decision most likely made based on the numerous features offered in the vehicle.

After you make the commitment and experience your investment, the question typically comes up “am I getting the value that I paid for?” or “how can I use all of the features that persuaded me to make this purchase?"

Is it what you wanted? Of course, or you wouldn't have made the purchase. The real question is how you see the value out of your investment. To determine whether you received the ROI that you were hoping for, revisit the main reasons why you made the purchase in the first place.

Then evaluate how you are going to use it and think about these questions:

  • How can my kids use the DVD player or connect their iPads to the sound system?
  • Will connecting my phone by Bluetooth really give me more ROI and an overall efficient experience?
  • How can I ensure that my child will take advantage of all that the college and university will offer them?
  • What do I plan on doing with my investment over the next 3 years to get a higher ROI out of it?

Now in terms of your SFDC investment, these are the same questions that you should be asking yourself:

  • What are the original reasons that you purchased SFDC?
  • What were the original requirements and what was implemented in “Phase 1” of your project?
  • Where is your list of user feedback suggestions and how are you addressing or reviewing this list?
  • When was the last time you had a “High-Level” executive strategy session where you could use Salesforce?
  • What other groups in your organization could benefit from the SFDC Platform?
  • Do your users see the solution as a way to RECEIVE (Proactive) information about your clients or prospect or as a tool they HAVE (Reactive) to enter in data?
  • Are you enhancing your Customer’s experience through the use of Salesforce?
  • Do the end users and management “trust” the data (reports and dashboard) in the solution?
  • Do you have other data sources that could integrate with SFDC to provide users a one-stop-shop for accessing customer information?
  • How can you improve your customers’ experience through SFDC?
  • Where do you want to go with SFDC as an enterprise (What does your Strategic Road-map look like)?

When you looked over these questions, were you able to answer them?

If you weren't, that's okay. These are just a few touch points that you should be reviewing on an annual basis (if not 2X per year) with your internal committee or executive team. This will ensure that you are using the solution for the reasons you purchased it for. Knowing the answers to the questions above, will help you provide continuous value to your end users, ultimately staying ahead of your competition. As an added plus, you will have a true understanding of what your customers and prospects need.

Take some time to think about the questions mentioned above, and as you drive home after a long day of work, it just may help you understand that the Bluetooth connect in your car not only helps you talk hands free—it can also allow your kids to stream their favorite movies or songs through your epic sound system.

If you would like to learn more about how optimizing your Salesforce platform will impact your business and user adoption, reach out to the Wave6 team for a complimentary Salesforce Optimization Analysis session.

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