How to Become a Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder

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How to Become a Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder

Posted by Wave6 Blog Team on Jul 14, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Ashley_blog_image.jpgSalesforce recently introduced a handful of new ways to show off your knowledge. Whether your expertise is in the Sales, Service, Marketing, Analytics or App cloud, Salesforce has a cert for you!


One of the new certifications will actually be one of the options replacing the previous Developer Certification. The new Platform App Builder Certification has very similar concepts and offers both a full exam and transition exam for those holding the older dev cert.


Now, for the transition options. The previous Salesforce Certified Developer exams are officially gone. (Previously obtained certifications are still valid and, as of now, recognized by Salesforce). Since these exams are no longer available, this means the new Platform App Builder Certification is the way to go if you are a functional developer.

Here’s a graphic to help you decide the path you should take if you currently have a Developer Cert:


Where to Start

The best place to start when preparing for any Salesforce Certification Exam is the Salesforce Certification home page. Here you can view a general overview of exam concepts, specifics about the exam including time allotment and passing score, sample questions, and most importantly, the study guide itself.


What to Study

With so many resources available to prep for these exams, it can get a little overwhelming. Have no fear! The study material and links provided in the table below will be very useful in your studying (whether you are planning to take the transition exam or full exam).


Description and Link

Study Guide

Full Exam Study Guide

Study Guide

Transition Exam Study Guide


Lighting App Builder


App Customization


Lightning Connect


SF1 Mobile Basics


Build Apps Visually with Lightning App Builder

Salesforce Help

Person Accounts

Salesforce Help

Social Accounts

Salesforce Help

Order of Execution – Automation Rule & Apex Triggers

Salesforce Help

Considerations for Field Update Actions

Salesforce Help

Sandbox Environment Types

Salesforce Help

Considerations for Changing Custom Field Types

Salesforce Help

Packages – Managed vs Packaged

Salesforce Help

External Objects


A Few Final Tips

The Trailhead training available from Salesforce is an amazing resource (for any exam) because it incorporates written concepts, visuals, quizzes, and ‘challenges’ to build in your own dev org – the tool even checks your work! This hands on experience is super helpful when putting your knowledge to the test, especially on those scenario based questions.


Brush up on a few key concepts including record types, relationship types (master detail vs lookup), roll-up summary fields, and assignment rules.


If you’re lucky enough to already hold the Developer Certification (401), many of the concepts are very similar! The newer concepts include Lightning, focusing specifically on Lightning Components and Lightning Process Builder.


Taking the Test

When you’re ready to take the test, find the registration via the new App Builder section with the Salesforce exams – both the transition exam and full exam are available here. Remember, the transition exam will only be available to you if you currently hold the SF Developer certification.


The full exam is 60 questions in 90 minutes and the transition exam is 20 questions in 30 minutes. The 30 minutes may seem short, but it was more than enough time since many of the questions are very similar to the developer exam you have already passed. The test is similar format to other SFDC exams using multi-select, multi-answer questions. The breakdown is about 60/40 memorization vs scenario based so the memorization details should be studied thoroughly.


Once you pass, the Platform App Builder Cert does come with an additional maintenance exam every release. The Spring ’16 Maintenance Exam was 8 questions compared to Salesforce’s traditional 5 questions, but by studying the release material prior, you will have no problems.

Good Luck!

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