Harnessing the Power of Analytics Cloud in Communities

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Harnessing the Power of Analytics Cloud in Communities

Posted by Wave6 Blog Team on Aug 24, 2016 3:00:00 PM


Here at Wave6 we've been building on two of Salesforce’s most recent and popular Clouds: Analytics Cloud and Community Cloud. Wave6 is one of the premier partners when it comes to solutions on these two Salesforce platforms. We are starting to hear from quite a few of our existing and new customers an interest for convergence of these two clouds. 

In many of our implementations we have integrated Sales or Service Cloud with Analytics Cloud, or App Cloud integration using tools like Lighting Connect with Analytics Cloud and even Partner Communities using Sales/Community Cloud or Customer Communities using Service/Community Cloud. The new fusion of a robust analytics tool with a best in breed collaboration tool has bought new concepts that have not been seen much as of yet. 

The power of Salesforce CRM with Sales, Service, and App Clouds is self-evident in the market. It’s the most powerful database and pure play system of record. Once you get into internal and external facing communication needs with your stakeholders and employees- that is where the Community Cloud comes in.


Community Cloud 

The Community Cloud takes your existing platform and system of record and allows you to expose select data and content to your Employees, Customers and Partners. It goes even further than that by allowing these groups to not only access your data and content but also engage with it using an enterprise collaboration tool like Chatter. Utilizing this full stack approach for getting your employees, partners and customers engaged transforms it from a “system of record” to a “system of engagement”.

Now that you have your users engaging with your data, content, and business tools in a meaningful and experiential way, what's next? Let’s take your Partners for example. You've provided your Partners the tools to register their deals and engage with your employees so you can jointly start closing business and bring in revenue. They've started to engage with your marketing team around co-op/market development funds to run joint events which will bring in future deals for you to jointly work and close. But how do your partners know what to do next? How can they look at the data they are producing with you as a means of directing them to the next best channel for shared revenue? This is where Analytics Cloud brings value.


Analytics Cloud

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The Analytics Cloud takes your existing Salesforce and other External Data sources and allows you to explore and visualize them within different contexts and lenses. You now have the ability to not only look at your data from a pure “present state” perspective, it now can become predictive. That data can become a shared story across your organization and be actionable.

Now … Back to your Partners. This predictive data – as a shared story- is where full stack approach comes back into play – taking your system of record and system of engagement and transforming it into a system of discovery!




Your Partners can now utilize your system of discovery that you've provided access to as a means of exploring where to go next. You can now show your Partners your unique value and why you should be their vendor of choice. For many vendors the Partner channel accounts for more than 60% of their revenue. This new system of discovery will move you to top of mind when Partners are looking to grow out their revenue and your revenue will grow in the process.

Contact us to learn how you can take advantage of Analytics and Community Clouds for your System of Discovery.


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