Experience Wonder: Spring '16 Release in Full Bloom

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Experience Wonder: Spring '16 Release in Full Bloom

Posted by Wave6 Blog Team on Mar 3, 2016 11:59:00 AM

Experience_the_Spring_16_in_Full_BloomAfter a crazy winter like the one we just had, I can’t be the only one looking forward to springtime. Just think, flowers in bloom, birds singing everywhere…and yet another wonderful release from Salesforce!

Just in time for spring cleaning, Spring ’16 offers plenty of new features to expand the offerings of its wonder:  Lightning Experience.

Note: Orgs that use Person Accounts will finally have access to Lightning Experience (LE) within 24 hours of the Spring ’16 release; everyone else should have access now.


If you haven’t had a chance to "experience" it yet, stop everything and go play! I highly recommend it.

Important to Note: Use a Sandbox or Dev org first before making any major changes.


(Lightning Experience Home Page)

Analytics is one of the most important part of sales. Sure, you can sell all of the product in the world, but if you aren’t able to measure your ROI, how can you really know how well your business is doing?

Salesforce understands this, and that is why they made some major upgrades to bring Reports and Dashboards in LE up to the level of the Salesforce Classic we all know and love. Now users of LE don’t have to continuously switch back and forth between Classic and LE to see things like matrix report details, filter out dashboards, and even view dynamic dashboards (dynamic dashboards are my personal favorite).

 New additions for Analytics: LE Style

Show Matrix Report Details:


(Matrix Report in Current LE - No Details Here!!)

As you can see above, in the current LE, if you want to see the details of a matrix report, you’ll have to use the Switcher to head back to Salesforce Classic and then run the report again. It’s just a little bit of extra work, but it’s still extra work that I gather you would rather not do. Luckily, the call has been heard and in Spring '16, seeing the details of a matrix report will be as simple as clicking a Gear_Salesforce_Blogand selecting Show Details. ET Voila!

You can see all of your report data and your groupings will remain intact.


(Matrix Report showing details in LE!)

Once you’ve seen all you need to see, simply click our friend the Gear_Salesforce_Blogagain and choose "Hide Details." Now you’re back to your overview. This can be handy for Sales Managers trying to keep track of their Sales Reps or Admins running reports to keep track of users. One little enhancement that can save time and money, making everyone happier.

Filter Dashboards in LE:

Picture this: you’re a Sales Manager and you’ve got a beautiful dashboard set up in LE to see your Sales Team’s weekly sales nicely summarized for your viewing pleasure. Then on your weekly analytics call "Sales Manager Mike" says that he wants to be able to see your lovely dashboard, but he wants it broken down by reps in different regions. It used to be that you would have had to refer "Sales Manager Mike" to a dashboard that is still quite lovely, but located in Salesforce Classic. Bummer, right?

Now, all you have to do is create the dashboard filters in Classic, and you can use them in your wonderful LE Dashboard!

Now say "Sales Manager Mike" wants to know what's happening only in the EMEA region. Simple! Just select the filter and your dashboard filters down. Spring ’16 seems pretty dedicated to fixing the small things that make Dashboards and Reports just a little bit easier to work with in LE.

View Dashboards as Other Users in Lightning Experience:

This last feature is a personal favorite, so I’ll try to keep it brief. Dynamic Dashboards are dashboards that allow you to view the dashboards as another user. How awesome is that? The best part is that it helps everyone from Admins to Sales Managers and even coworkers. Basically, as long as the user has “View My Team’s Dashboards” or “View All Data” permissions, they will be able to view the selected dashboard as another user. To enable this feature in LE, switch to Salesforce Classic and set up the dashboard that you want so that it runs as the logged-user.

If done correctly, you should see something similar to this:


So now, if "Sales rep Megan" approaches you because she is seeing something weird in her Dashboard, you can log in and see what she is seeing. I love that this feature exists in Salesforce Classic, and bringing it in LE just makes LE that much more interesting to watch as it continues to grow!

This is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to Spring ’16. The list of enhancements covers Mobile, Salesforce Classic, and of course more for LE. For more information about Salesforce Classic, Lightning Experience, or Analytics, please contact us at any time to talk further.

In the meantime, Hello Spring!


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