Dreamforce 2014: Looking Back, Looking Forward

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Dreamforce 2014: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Posted by Wave6 Blog Team on Nov 12, 2014 12:59:00 PM

Dreamforce 2014This content was updated on February 2nd 2015

 Now that we are weeks past Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce conference, the hype has chilled, and the ‘Dreamforce highlight blogs’ are all posted,

I am finally ok with thinking about what it means to me.


Wave6's Dreamforce experience was highlighted by:

  • Giving back at our Little Kids Rock fundraiser
  • Our client presentations; including a keynote on the main stage
  • Our booth presence; including our Moscone West booth and our Salesforce Foundation Zone Higher Education booth
  • The announcement of Lightning
  • The announcement of Analytics Cloud and the realization that we worked on the most successful implementation of the new product to date

For me, the conference was a combination of many great things I have been involved with in an evolving cloud ecosystem. Now that the dust has settled and the marketing hype has calmed down, the prospect of building Salesforce1 apps that leverage Lightning and mobile analytics powered by Analytics Cloud has me thinking innovation…


Innovation for All

Just look at all the innovative solutions that are available for our clients and prospects, whether a game changing mobile app for a graduating college student, mobile analytics for a CEO on the go…or something in between. The opportunities are endless...

CEO on the Go: GE Capital

For me it was more than marketing, it was once again an awesome delivery of innovative technology...for everyone. Salesforce.com, once ‘just’ a CRM SaaS company has firmly established itself as not only a leader in sales and marketing technology, but as a platform.

Some may call it hype,but the customers of Salesforce.com are sticky for reasons well beyond marketing. As is the case with their new Analytics Cloud offering, for which I have personally had a chance to be in the driver's seat and take for a spin, I equate Salesforce.com to the Apple of the business world. While not always the first at what they do, they rarely fail and are likely to succeed. See for yourself below. Review the Client Sessions from Dreamforce2014.

Check out our client's highlighted Dreamforce Sessions now available on Demand.


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