Debugging Your Flows – No Longer the Worst Part of Your Day

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Debugging Your Flows – No Longer the Worst Part of Your Day

Posted by Andrew Mishler on Apr 5, 2021 10:30:00 AM

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As with nearly every Salesforce release over the last several years, Spring ’21 has brought us a bundle of updates to Flow. And by now, our customers know we are loud and proud fans of using Flow to easily automate actions in Salesforce. After all, why force unneeded training and process memorization on your users when you can just have Salesforce do the hard work for you?

But with that automation can come a dreaded side-effect in Flow error emails. Those are messages you get every time a flow fails, and in an admin’s case, they can come whenever anyone’s flow fails. Those who have developed flows knows that can quickly lead to a clogged inbox full of confusing emails of error readouts, putting you a back-and-forth struggle to understand what went wrong with your development. That can be a time-consuming process, leaving users stuck with poor functionality and a losing sense of confidence in the tools they’ve been given.

Fortunately, my personal favorite update from the Spring '21 release solves this problem with the enhanced Flow debugger!

If you haven’t seen it already, you should find a new hyperlink that looks like this at the top of your Flow error emails:

debugging 1

By clicking on “Flow error: click here to debug in Flow Builder” in these situations, you’ll open up a new way to view your flows and understand how they work, complete with guided instructions and visuals on how a record arrived at its failure point.

debugging 2

For simpler flows, this will help reduce analysis and free up time for other priorities. But for the most complex flows with branching paths and custom components (and Wave6 has seen and worked on many of them!), this tool will be a gamechanger. Guesswork is removed from the process and replaced with total clarity, making everyone happier with how quickly and efficiently problems can be resolved.

If you have issues with your flows, whether with errors, processing speed, or confusing and overly complicated design, talk to Wave6 about how we can help. Intuitive flows can sometimes be the difference between a clunky experience and an empowering one for your users and customers.

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