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Create Culture of Change in Your Organization: Time to Get Help

Posted by Wave6 Blog Team on Jan 12, 2015 1:00:00 AM

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“This change is going to be really hard on our organization.”

As a salesforce consultant who has worked on many different projects with many different clients, I have heard this statement uttered many times. It seems those individuals leading the charge for change in their organization are often also preparing for battle internally.

Why is it that so many different companies, within different industries, consistently anticipate resistance when they look to take on a change for the better? Perhaps a fear of change?


It's time to get help. It's time to create the right culture of change in your organization.

During project discovery sessions it usually takes no time at all for participants to air their complaints about all the ways their current system is failing them. Yet when faced with a golden opportunity to change things for the better, those same people who have expressed pain, are often hesitant to accept a new way of doing things.

Commonly this type of resistance is attributed to a person’s tenure within an organization, but in my experience these feelings have less to do with the individuals expressing the resistance, but rather with the culture of the organization making the change.

Humans are all creatures of habit. There is certainly no doubt that people can get very comfortable working one way, even if that one way of doing things is full of road blocks and work around. When a company’s culture is such that change is infrequent, employees jobs become automatic and they start to lose a sense of mindfulness and involvement. They don’t expect for things to ever be different and because of this they learn to fear change and see it only as new unknown problems.

In organizations that embrace change and work continuously to tweak, modify, and enhance their systems, employees begin to expect it. They learn to not only accept change, but also to take an active role in driving it! These change oriented companies can inspire all their employees to become active in the process. When engaged, employees can become eager learners, and willing influences who are proactive in making suggestions for improvements. Change can be a great tool to keep your teams involved in their jobs and in the company.

Many companies would love to have a culture of active engagement and change acceptance, but often change does not happen simply because the systems they are using is just too hard, and require to many resources to modify. Regardless of what is holding a company back currently, there is a solution! Adopting highly configurable business systems, like Salesforce, can be a great first step to changing a status quo culture. It's possible that after implementing a sophisticated system such as Salesforce, your organization may still be approached by a change resistant culture. The benefit is that by facing it head on, once the system is in place, it opens up a positive opportunity; to adopt a new culture of change.

Taking advantage of new functionality in a teaching environment opens up the opportunity for your organization to become "agents of change."

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