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5x Certified Experience & Process Expert │ 3x Salesforce Certified | CX & EX Strategist │ Experience Transformation Visionary │ Digital Experience Expert │ Driving Customer Centricity │ Delivering Employee Experiences

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Diving into Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Posted by Molly Redenbaugh on Apr 1, 2021 8:45:00 AM

Since arriving on the scene, many of our clients have asked "Why Manufacturing Cloud?" For new Salesforce Manufacturing customers, the answer is easy ... "Why Not?". The tool is robust, gives a lot of great features out of the box and is a great well-rounded tool to impact many areas of manufacturing.  For existing clients, who have been on Salesforce for years, the question becomes "What additional benefits can Manufacturing cloud provide?". Let's dig in!

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Topics: Salesforce Community Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, Wave6

Why your customer's experience matters more than a C-SAT score

Posted by Molly Redenbaugh on Sep 16, 2020 10:48:37 AM

Now, more than ever, it seems the world wants to know what customers are thinking. Maybe this increased interest in customer perspective is a result of limited human interaction in our COVID-dominated world? Maybe the trendy topic of customer experience is finally being taken seriously? (Hey, a girl can hope!) Regardless of the reason, a recent spike in conversations regarding surveying customers has me wondering. Why, in our world of big data and digital transformation, is this antiquated method of data collection still the “be all, end all” for the voice of the customer.

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Topics: Wave6, Process Management, Customer Experience, Change Management, csat

Optimizing your virtual worklife

Posted by Molly Redenbaugh on Apr 6, 2020 10:16:12 AM

Working remotely is a way of life for the team at Wave6. With much of the world adapting to this "new" normal, we asked our experts to provide you with best practices for virtual teaming. Additionally, hear the team's key tips for working remotely to make the most of your day.

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Topics: Work from Home, virtual teaming

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